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SCIENTIFIC Solutions has released the QCM-Z500 quartz crystal microbalance. The KSV quartz crystal microbalance extracts both the frequency and Q-factor (dissipation) information by using impedance analysis.

This allows the instrument to measure at a frequency range up to the 11th overtone of a 5MHz crystal (55mHz). Measuring the frequency and dissipation allows the visco-elastic properties of the absorbed layer to be characterised.

The QCM-Z500 can measure alternating/protein absorption, vesicle spreading, surface grafting antigen-antibody binding, functionalised surfaces, biomaterials, biofouling, thin films, electrochemical reactions and many more surface-related phenomena, as long as a suitable surface coating can be coated on the crystal, the instrument is able to measure it. The system can be used as an impedance analyser.

The single high-resolution technique provides the ability to differentiate between all the separate processes which might happen on the crystal surface.

Accessories include the remote probe and a top-viewing microscope window for sample illumination and observation. It also has built-in temperature control capable of high flow rates, so there is no need for external temperature equilibration hardware up to a few mL/min. For flow rates higher than this an external temperature equilibration system is available. The system is most suitable for kinetic studies, due to this dynamic capability and the fast response of the impedance analysis technique.

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