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Quantachrome Instruments’ high throughput Porosimeters available from Scientific Solutions

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 Scientific Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Quantachrome Instruments from Florida, USA. in Australia and New Zealand. They have developed Surface Area and Pore Size instruments.

PoreMaster GT (greater throughput) Series — Automated, Dual High-Pressure Pore Size Analyzer

The PoreMaster GT Series are fully automated, high-performance mercury porosimeters that offer two high-pressure and two low-pressure analysis ports to meet the pore size measurement needs of the busiest laboratories.

In addition to "two samples in a single loading," (patented) the PoreMaster GT Series features an automated lift mechanism that raises and lowers the high-pressure cavity closure; automatic hydraulic oil pumping; and a clean, compact design.

The PoreMaster GT Series reflects the innovative spirit that has been a hallmark of Quantachrome's designs in mercury porosimetry technology. Each model provides pore size, pore volume, bulk and apparent density, porosity, particle size and related properties for a wide range of powdered and bulk solid materials.

Both models include two, built-in, automated low-pressure ports for filling of penetrometers (sample cells) and intrusion/extrusion measurements from vacuum to 50 psia.

The dual high-pressure ports in the PoreMaster 60 GT and PoreMaster 33 GT operate in both continuous scanning or stepwise pressurization modes.

Continuous scanning provides detail rich, high-resolution (up to 2000 points) pore size data plus AutoSpeed control for automatic adjustment of pressurization rate in response to individual sample characteristics.

Stepwise pressurisation provides lower resolution but enables the system to stop and wait for user selected time intervals to allow mercury to fully penetrate complex pore structures.

The PoreMaster 60 GT is equipped with dual high-pressure transducers to enhance accuracy across the entire analytical range (optional on PoreMaster 33 GT).

The PoreMaster 33 GT is fully upgradeable to 60,000 psia capability to meet changing analytical needs. A unique hydraulic system minimises the effects of mercury compressibility. Software blank corrections support even the most rigorous applications.

Complete intrusion/extrusion data can be obtained in as little as 10 minutes. Scientific Solutions are the Surface Science instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions for research and development and industrial measurement requirements.

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