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Quantachrome Instruments and Scientific Solutions release full density functional theory

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Quantachrome Instruments and Scientific Solutions have released the full density functional theory to complement the Autosorb series instruments.

The Autosorb-1 is a surface area and pore size distribution analyser, capable of running first principles density functional theory with Monte Carlo analysis to provide flexibility and precision for measuring surface area micropore distribution.

There is no necessity to calibrate the DFT program with a standard, or to worry about having the correct result, as the DFT library contains first principle models capable of correctly interpreting results from the Autosorb-1.

The Autosorb 1 is a fully automated analyser for surface area and pore size measurements offering simultaneous analysis and sample preparation. If you are running a micropore sample, then it would not be wise to prepare the sample in a degasser, which did not have turbo-molecular pump capability, so Quantachrome actually provides this facility, two ports on board the instrument and more as a separate degasser if higher throughput is desired.

The Autosorb 1 can also do characterise Chemisorption processes with an optional oven up to 1100 degrees. Additionally, there are options for TPR/TPD with a thermal conductivity detector, an affordable mass spectrometer option as well as a vapour generator option.

The Autosorb-1-C provides unattended chemisorption measurement with automatic transfer from sample preparation to analysis and with small bench-space requirements. Automatic repeat measurement of isotherm following evacuation provides complete weak and strong chemisorption data without operator intervention.

Sample preparation with flow, vacuum or static conditions under programmable heating rates at temperatures up to 1,100°C is possible. PC programmable temperature controller with auto-tuning functions provides limitless number of preparation routines with guaranteed temperature accuracy.

Applications include characterisation of metal dispersion of reforming catalysts, acid site distribution of polymerisation catalysts, crystallite size of hydrogenation catalysts, heats of adsorption and much more.

Scientific Solutions is the surface science instrumentation specialists with experience in supplying solutions for research and development and industrial measurement requirements.

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