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Quantachrome FloVac Degasser available from Scientific Solutions

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Scientific Solutions and Quantachrome Instruments now offer a combined degasser for use with their popular NOVA, Quadrasorb and Autosorb Surface Area Analysis instruments. The FloVac degasser combines two separate sample preparation techniques (Flow and Vacuum) into a single elegant solution. This stand-alone device features six sample stations, each with individual control valves to allow changing individual sample cells without affecting other samples in process.

A built-in heating mantle provides user-selectable degas temperature to 400°C in steps of 10°C and can be continuously monitored on the digital display. The FloVac Degasser will provide a virtually continuous supply of properly prepared samples for the NOVA, QUADRASORB SI or Autosorb series of surface area and pore size analyzers.

When used as a flow degasser, needle valves allow careful control of flow rate to avoid elutriation (blowing out) of fine powders. The metal flow tubes for each station provide variable depth insertion into any sample cell. Cooling stations are provided to hold sample cells after sample preparation.

As a vacuum degasser, selectable evacuation rates and back-fill gases add convenience and versatility. A selection of fittings are provided to accommodate short and tall glassware as well as three different diameter stems. A simple Flow Degasser is available for laboratories needing only flow degassing capabilities.

Both degassers can be bundled with a Riffler (sample splitter) at package prices so that the user is certain of maintaining good representative sampling from their bulk material. Riffling potentially reduces measurement error up to 40 % and is an essential tool in any powder analysis laboratory.

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