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Probes measure particle size and concentration

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SCIENTIFIC Solutions has released Aello probes for monitoring particle size and concentration in industrial processes. The probes are not able to provide full particle size distribution data, like a particle size analyser, but they are able to provide an index figure which will give an immediate indication of changes in particle size and/or concentration in liquid suspensions and emulsions.

Systems are available for particles from about 60nm up to about 5mm, in concentrations up to 40%. These systems are able to provide accurate data about turbidity, which is related to both particle size and concentration. With the Aello probes, these functions are independent, so the index figures are more closely related to the process status than turbidity approximations.

Aello systems are useful for monitoring steady state processes like emulsions, grinding and polishing circuits and lubricants. They can also monitor kinetic processes like crystallisation, polymerisation and nucleation.

Agglomeration, flocculation and creaming can give rise to changes in particle size and/or concentration, so these systems are suitable as a first point monitor for observing the presence of any such changes.

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