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New Ultra pycnometer 1000 available from Scientific Solutions

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Scientific Solutions is the distributor for Quantachrome Instruments from Florida, USA in Australia and New Zealand.

Quantachrome has developed Powder characterisation instruments.

Density - automatic Pycnometers

The Penta pycnometer and the Ultra pycnometer 1000 are the ultimate instruments for measuring the true density and volume of powders, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, building materials, rock cores, etc.

The Penta pycnometer permits up to five samples to be loaded and then purged simultaneously.

Each of the five samples is then automatically analysed in sequence with no operator involvement. Balance, PC and printer connections are standard.

For laboratories with fewer density analysis needs, the single sample station Ultra pycnometer 1000 provides the same ease of operation and high performance as the Penta pycnometer.

Operating simplicity is achieved by user prompts or instructions which are automatically presented on the alphanumeric display.

Measurements and printout of results are totally automatic.

Continuous self-diagnostics monitor and signal fault conditions that may arise. The transducer is reset to zero prior to each run. Front panel LED's display the operational status at all times.

Sample temperature can be displayed to 0.1 degrees C and a temperature controlled capability is available using an optional external bath/circulator.

Before analysis, samples can be automatically purged of trapped contaminants and air by using purge by a continuous flow, or by a pulse mode for powders. Evacuation mode is also included in the Ultrapycnometer using an optional vacuum pump

The measurement of pressure-deformable cellular foams is made possible by the Target measure feature.

A user can conveniently reduce the target pressure typically from around 18 psig to as low as 0.5 psig.

A special version, the UltraFoam pycnometer, automatically scans for the optimum pressure for subsequent measurement of open and closed cell content, with or without for correction for cut cells, per ASTM D6226.

Repeat run mode eliminates the need to re-enter the same set of analysis parameters prior to duplicate runs, thus allowing the user to quickly change sample weight and sample ID, or simply to rerun a sample by a double keystroke.

For three or more averaged measurements the % coefficient of variation and the standard deviation of the volume and the density are printed out.

This allows a relative comparison of samples from run-to-run and a precise assessment of the absolute variation of the sample being measured.

To capture printed output, automatic pycnometers are available with PC software (PycWin) that provides disk storage (ASCII format) of data along with all user entered information.

Archived files can be recalled for review, printing and importing to other programs.

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