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WITH a multitude of laboratory and industrial ultrasonic devices and the most powerful ultrasonic processors (up to 16,000 watts per unit) Dr Hielscher has developed a reputation as the leading supplier of ultrasonic processors in the world.

Available from Scientific Solutions , the ultrasonic products range from sample preparation in the lab, and customised prototypes for special applications, to industrial production equipment.

Scientific Solutions has a long experience in ultrasonic processors, and an extensive knowledge in many processes, such as the homogenising, disintegration, emulsifying, dispersing, de-agglomeration and particle size reduction, nano-sizing, sieving, and cleaning.

For instance the new VialTweeter ultrasonic processor is a device into which Eppendorf or other tubes can be inserted directly into a hole in the ultrasonic processor probe for processing. This technique provides a much greater recovery that even cup horns which are typically used for cell disruption applications.

Scientific Solutions provides support in the up-scaling of laboratory findings to plant level or in the development and design, as well as in the manufacturing of customised solutions.

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