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Kelvin Probes for surface analysis

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KELVIN Probes are a really old technique finding a new lease of life using modern solid state technology.

Recently Scientific Solutions finalised a distribution agreement with KP Technology to represent the range of Kelvin Probes in Australia and New Zealand.

Kelvin Probes use a capacitive charge technique to map the profile of surfaces. Areas measurable are from a few microns to tens of millimetres and the scanning systems can reliably map large areas, depending simply on the size of the sampling stage.

Profiling the surface charge map provides insights into surface structure that are very useful in surface sciences, from paint and coating manufacturers, semiconductors, nanomaterials, surface roughness, corrosion analysis and R&D.

The modular nature of the KP Technology systems, combined with the enhanced sensitivity, allows a variety of tips to be used that will suit almost any application, and if not KP Technology has a proven ability to manufacture specific hardware to meet a need.

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