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KSV Sigma 702 tensiometer released from Scientific Solutions

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Scientific Solutions has a distribution agreement with KSV Instruments, Finland as the national Australian and New Zealand distributor of all KSV products.

Sigma 702 is a stand-alone workhorse tensiometer for measuring surface and interfacial tension in situations requiring high sensitivity and simple operation.

Control is from a simple keypad interacting with large area display panel for menu driven operation and results display.

As a result of KSV's long experience in densitometer design, Sigma 702 is user friendly and highly reliable.

Precise temperature control can be ensured by the water-jacketed vessel holder.

The option of connecting to an external PC and/or serial printer enables reliable data storage and simple reporting.

The tensiometers have a super-sensitive microbalance with transport locking and overload protection, optimised for Surface tension/Interfacial tension measurements.

The experimental area is illuminated and specially coated for easy cleaning.

The motor-driven sample stage has a high resolution movement control with a built in magnetic stirrer

Operation interface is via the built-in touchpad for chamber illumination, stage up/down drive, magnetic stirrer and measurement initiation.

The built-in thermostattable jacket with inner diameter 70 mm for temperature control of the sample liquid with sample vessels with outer diameters of 70 mm or 50 mm

Embedded software measures surface tension (ST) and interfacial tension (IT) using DuNouy ring and/or Wilhelmy plate, as well as the density of liquids.

There is an RS-232C connection to optional printer and a USB-connection for data output to optional external PC computer. A PC software module is provided to read the data to and ASCII file and/or Spread sheet, such as Microsoft Excel (not included)

Scientific Solutions are the Surface Science instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions for research and development and industrial measurement requirements.

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