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SCIENTIFIC Solutions has secured exclusive distribution rights for AFAB Enterprises refractometer products in Australia and New Zealand. AFAB refractometers have found significant acceptance amongst US pharmaceutical manufacturers.

With the increasingly stringent demands encountered in the production of pharmaceutical products comes the need for continuous monitoring and control of the production process line using an on-line refractometer.

Twenty-four hour monitoring, continuous readouts, highly sensitive, accurate and instantaneous response to changes in the material concentrations, and low overhead through reduced labour costs, and low equipment costs, are all highly important variables in the overall production equation.

AFAB Enterprises has engineered the PR-111 inline process refractometer to provide companies involved in the production of today's medicines with a means of continuously monitoring the components being used. The PR-111 is suited to 24-hour monitoring and control of pharmaceutical mixtures.

The PR-111 refractometer can be calibrated for accurate measurement through temperature compensation adjustments, thus guaranteeing accuracy of the measurement and ensuring efficient use of the medicinal components.

It has also demonstrated its ability to provide the kind of continuous monitoring needed to eliminate costly downtime and labour costs. The reasonable cost of the PR-111 allows for economical use of several units, serving a number of different process lines for the price of a single competitor's model.

The PR-111 refractometer provides a 4-20mA output, which can be routed to a PC or PLC device for monitoring and control. The instrument has demonstrated its ability to operate in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications. Sensitivity has been demonstrated to below 1000ppm.

Scientific Solutions are the instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions to industrial measurement problems.

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