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High specification particle counter instruments

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SCIENTIFIC Solutions is distributing a high specification particle counter technology from Klotz GmbH throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Klotz manufactures particle counter instruments with custom or standard features.

Collaboration with the University of Ulm, Department of Laser Technologies in Medicine and Measuring Technology, has led to the development of leading edge particle counters with diagnostic capabilities in analysis and medicinal applications as well as particle count in liquids, oils, air/gases, number-based particle size analysis, and the cleanliness of solutions in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Particle measuring standard kits are specifically designed for easy and regular checking of particle counter accuracy of the Syringe or Abakus measuring systems.

A ready-for-use kit includes a zero sample (25ml) for calibration for particle absence in the system. Counting is achieved with the actual measuring standard (25ml) that includes 10,500 particles/ml (particle size is 9.5µm) and a magnetic stirrer.

Currently under development, in cooperation with Professor Dr Rudolf Steiner and his research team at the University of Ulm, is a super-accurate, laser-supported measuring device that records and distinguishes tiny, tagged particles.

The 2µm and 150µNm particles are graded by size. The device is based on the concept that different molecules or antibodies can be interlinked to these different sized particles. This facilitates testing techniques for biology and medicine that recognize, in a single measuring step, up to one hundred different diseases, bacteria, viruses or genetic information.

Scientific Solutions keeps up-to-date with the latest technology in surface sciences by co-operating closely with key customers as well as scientific and research institutes.

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