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THE Konik high resolution GC/MS instruments, available from Scientific Solutions , are high level benchtop systems with the capability to interface via the patented K2 system with LC technology to allow analyses of analytes not possible with alternatives.

They are flexible, modular research grade Quadrapole-based instruments capable of individual operation, or any combination of HPLC, GC and MS.

Many other patents apply to the technology and the whole system is supported by a very powerful robotics sample preparation and presentation system called the Robokrom.

The Robokrom robotics system can be configured as a GC/MS autosampler, HPLC autosampler, static head space system, SPME, purge and trap system, thermal desorption system, LC fraction collector, dilutor, microconcentrator or microchemical station as well as almost all combinations of the above.

Heated sample trays, reaction chambers, stirred cells and sample transfer systems provide these capabilities in a patented robotics module which can be used with almost any existing GC/MS system.

Scientific Solutions are instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions to industrial measurement problems.

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