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Formulaction Rheolaser micro rheology instrument available from Scientific Solutions

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Formulaction, represented by Scientific Solutions in Australia and New Zealand, have released the micro Rheology instrument, Rheolaser. Rheologists always wanted to measure the rheological properties of materials under zero shear, which is now possible with the Rheolaser as it measures rheological properties without any additional applied energy.

The Rheolaser measures the mean square displacement (MSD) of particles using light scattering, specifically diffuse wave spectroscopy. From the MSD, QC level or research level parameters can be extracted. Simple elasticity and viscosity factors are suitable for a QC environment. G' and G'' can also be extracted at a single frequency for base level research.

For the high level researcher, G' and G'' are available across the full range of frequencies. In addition, elasticity, relaxation time and macroscopic viscosity can be calculated. Data on stability can also be extracted. These parameters are availed to the researcher at the click of a single button. All frequencies are acquired concurrently, so users cannot compare the Rheolaser with the traditional Rheometers.

No longer it is necessary to denature or destroy a sample to measure its rheological properties, no added force is required, so this opens up the whole new world of Rheological Kinetics, or aging studies on a single sample. The instrument is easy-to-use, as there are no mechanical components where sample has to be carefully loaded and the sample simply sits in a sample tube and its Brownian motion is observed.

The instrument also has 6 sample positions, so it is capable of multiple analysis, or some positions can be used for sample conditioning.

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