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SCIENTIFIC Solutions has released the SITA Dynotester for measuring dynamic surface tension. It monitors dynamic surface tension at three pre-settable bubble lifetimes between 15ms and 15s. This means that most high-shear processes can be monitored effectively at minimal cost.

The Dynotester has temperature compensation built in and automatically controls the bubble lifetime. The instrument directly controls bubble lifetime, so immersion depth is much less critical than the old surface age control technique. It is a small and precise hand-held dynamic surface tensiometer for quick quality control or use in the field.

The SITA Pro Line t60 is a reliable laboratory or online dynamic surface tensiometer. It can be used at the production line in discontinuous or continuous measurement tasks. A bubble lifetime 30ms–60s covers most typical wetting agent or surfactant concentrations in cleaning or galvanic processes as well as for formulation of inks, agrochemicals and emulsion systems. The instrument can focus on static to very dynamic static surface tension measurements with equal precision.

Endless continuous measurements with an optional flow through system are available for online applications. Automatic measurement of dynamic surface tension curves through the whole bubble lifetime range is possible with the basic instrument.

All measured values from any SITA instrument can be directly compared because of the common measurement technology and the automatic control of bubble lifetime. Laboratory guidelines developed on the t60 can be directly transferred to the Dynotester for in-field quality or process control.

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