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KSV and Scientific Solutions have released the upgraded KSV CAM200 Contact Angle Meter, a video based optical contact angle and surface tension goniometer.

The CAM2000 measures contact angle, surface tension, interfacial tension, dynamic contact angle, time dependent wettability reactions and determination of surface energies using all 9 SFE algorithms.

It is an extremely powerful, flexible and modular research tool with almost unlimited number of applications.

The device has multiple automatic syringe capability and unprecedented control over all functions.

Multiple accessories are available for temperature control and sample presentation, including the only dispenser available in the world with disposable tips.

KSV has 20 years experience in developing instruments to measure contact angle, dynamic contact angle, surface tension and interfacial tension, monolayer properties, adsorption processes and much more.

KSV is the largest manufacturer of Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett troughs as well as all other LB film balances and research tools.

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