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Colour-coded micropipettes.

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SCIENTIFIC Solutions has been appointed Australian and New Zealand distributor Fine Care’s range of Accumax micro-pipettes. Each pipette is checked and calibrated to international standards such as DIN 12650 and EN ISO 8655. Each pipette and micropipette is supplied with its individual QC certificate.

Accumax pipettes are colour-coded for easy identification and calibration. They are available in fixed and variable configurations. Variable volumes are set by turning the plunger. The pipettes are designed not to snag gloves. The click sound at each increment during volume setting provides some feedback to help prevent unwanted volume alterations during pipetting.

The pipettes are easy to calibrate and service and they have autoclavable tips and cone. They are ergonomic and lightweight, with a soft plunger movement that minimises hand fatigue. The two-step plunger operation of the pipettes allows reverse pipetting, a technique useful for pipetting certain liquids.

A tool kit is provided for in-house servicing and recalibration. Each pipette has an individual serial number and a calibration report is enclosed with each as a pre-dispatch quality check.

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