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DIGITAL Data Systems, represented in Australia by Scientific Solutions , has introduced a new bomb calorimeter to the CAL2k range, the CAL2k ECO.

The ECO is an inexpensive calorimeter aimed at the lower volume market that would carry out no more than 8 CV samples per day.

Unlike the CAL2K, the ECO uses no water. The vessel cools naturally while standing on a workbench. The system consists of the calorimeter, PC keyboard, vessel and a filling station.

The CAL2k ECO is suitable for measuring the calorific value of fossil fuels, propellants, explosives, volatiles fuels and oils, animal feeds and edible oils, as well as other applications, including all those in research and development. For higher throughput, the faster CAL2k instrument may be the better choice.

A standard PC keyboard is plugged into the calorimeter for data entry. Mass can be entered directly from the balance via a RS232 port or manually from the keyboard. There is no setup required, as the system is completely pre-programmed. The ECO is compact, easy to use and produces quality results.

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