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isoLynx data acquisition systems and isolated signal conditioner modules from Scientific Devices Aust

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Dataforth's isoLynx, available from Scientific Devices Aust , is a fast, intelligent, fully isolated data acquisition system providing superior reliability, accuracy and isolation for a wide range of rugged industrial applications. It offers maximum flexibility of analogue and digital I/O selection at competitive prices for a broad range of factory automation, process control, test and measurement, machine control and data acquisition applications.

All I/O is channel-to-channel isolated

The flexible, modular design combines a 12-channel I/O controller base system and optional 8- channel expansion backplanes or 16-channel expansion backplanes, which can be either panel or DIN rail mounted.

One I/O Controller module can operate up to 60 channels of differential analog I/O and 128 channels of digital I/O, using Dataforth's popular SCM5B analogue and SCMD digital modules. The controller contains a powerful high-speed microcontroller, A/D and D/A subsystem, communication interface, and associated memory and status LEDs. The A/D system is built around a 16-bit, successive approximation converter and can convert a maximum 60-channel configuration in 30msec (Modbus protocols in 15msec). The D/A converter is also a 16-bit device and can write a maximum 60-channel configuration in 60msec (Modbus protocols in 30msec).

Wide signal conditioning selection

By selecting from over 650 standard and custom single-channel SCM5B analogue I/O modules, the isoLynx SLX200 can interface to a broad spectrum of analogue signals, including millivolt, volt, milliamp, amp, linearized and non-linearized thermocouple, RTD, potentiometer, slidewire, strain gauge, AC-to-true-RMS output, frequency, 2-wire transmitter and transducers requiring DC excitation. Analogue output modules are available andprovide a wide selection of current or voltage output ranges. Industry standard miniature digital I/O modules are used for digital AC/DC input and output requirements.

The user can mix and match most I/O module types on a per-channel basis, reducing wasted I/O channels and saving costs.

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