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article image The Infinitron allows contacting voltage measurement with virtually no charge transfer.

TREK, INC., represented by Scientific Devices Aust Pty Ltd , has released a new ultra-high impedance voltmeter called the Infinitron.

This hand-held probe enables contacting voltage measurements to be made with virtually no transfer of electric charge to/from the measured object, unlike other products in the market that transfer charge upon contact.

The Infinitron meets a market need to effectively measure site-specific voltage on devices sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), during their handling and processing, in order to identify and rectify problems in the process that could result in potentially devastating ESD events.

As the trend toward device miniaturisation continues, the ability to do real-time, non-disruptive, non-loading, site-specific voltage measurements becomes critically important for ESD prevention and control.

The Infinitron offers a significant advancement in the ‘state of the art’ for ESD management in semiconductor, electronic assembly, hard disk drive and other electrostatic-sensitive environments and applications.

Other applications that could benefit from the Infinitron include medical/biomedical devices, powder handling (chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramic and other materials), electrostatic painting/coating, test and measurement, instrumentation, quality control, materials evaluation, military, automotive, aerospace and R&D applications.

The Infinitron responds to an evolving need in various markets to go beyond measurement and management of the ESD-sensitive facility environment (for which air ionisers and charged plate monitors are useful).

Now, by measuring voltage precisely on the ESD-sensitive device itself, in real time and throughout the entire process - using the Infinitron - a more accurate and site-specific view of ESD issues, and their cause/effect, can be obtained.

This enables highly relevant (cost-effective) process improvements to be made in pursuit of minimising device destruction and latent damage, thereby enhancing product integrity and production yields.

Trek's unique design in the Infinitron allows for true and accurate voltage readings, unlike other contacting voltmeters in the market which not only measure inaccurately but can actually cause ESD events during measurement, due to their charge-transferring measurement technology.

The Infinitron features an extremely high input impedance (resistance greater than 1016Ω) and very low input capacitance (less than 10-15F). This ultra high resistance provides infinite impedance loading and lack of charge transfer, thereby avoiding the creation of an ESD event.

The Infinitron provides a measurement range of 0 to ±100 V dc or peak ac at ±0.1% accuracy.

Bandwidth is greater than 10kHz and speed of response is less than 100µs for a 100V step change (10% to 90%).

The ability to accurately measure a very small area using the Infinitron and its contacting probe, results in very high spatial resolution measurement capability. This is a significant advantage over other measurement instruments, which are limited by the inherent characteristics of non-contacting measurement technology.

Additional features of the Infinitron include a user-friendly design, informative digital display, hold-and-zero modes and optional probe tip shapes and sizes. (Trek offers round, flat and pointed tip shapes - tip sizes range from the standard diameter of 1.27mm with options down to 0.76mm.) Customised options are available.

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