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article image Personal Daq USB Data Acquisition includes 8 differential or 16 single-ended analogue inputs.

IOTECH has broken the USB Data Acquisition speed barrier with the introduction of their new Personal Daq/3000 USB Data Acquisition Series.

Available from Scientific Devices , this is the industry's first 1MHz/16-bit multifunction USB device. Three models are offered, providing a wide variety of analogue, digital and frequency I/O in one compact and low-cost package.

Software included with the Personal Daq USB Data Acquisition is extensive, including new Daqview 8.0, a full-featured Out-of-the-Box data logging and viewing application, plus comprehensive support for all popular programming environments including VisualBasic, VisualBasic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C# and LabVIEW.

The Personal Daq/3000 USB Data Acquisition Series packs a wide variety of synchronous and multifunction I/O in a single device.

Features include:

* 1MHz/16bit A/D converter

* Eight differential or 16 single-ended analogue inputs, with seven programmable input ranges from ±100mV to ±10V full scale

* Simple expansion to 32DE/64SE analogue inputs

* Any analogue input can measure voltage or thermocouples - any TC type on any channel

* Over-sampling mode, including line-cycle rejection for ultra stable TC and low-level voltage measurements, even in the presence of ac power line noise

* 1MHz/16-bit analogue outputs (0, 2, or 4 channels)

* 24 digital I/O

* Four counter inputs capable of measuring frequency, period, pulse width, or quadrature encoders up to 20MHz

* Two timer outputs

* Synchronous I/O, where all analogue inputs, analogue outputs, digital I/O and counter/timer I/O can occur synchronously, resulting in precise time correlation between all I/O

* Low latency control outputs capable of responding to inputs in as fast as 2µs.

The Personal Daq/3000 USB Data Acquisition Series has removable screw terminals to facilitate attaching and removing I/O without having to turn dozens of screws and makes it easy to remove without having to re-wire each time.

The Personal Daq can be easily DIN-rail mounted for applications where the device is mounted in a rack or with a protective enclosure.

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