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article image Includes a 0.01% full scale resolution.

FISO Technologies, represented in Australia by Scientific Devices , has introduced a Temperature Measurement signal conditioner designed for affordable fibre optic temperature measurements, available in 4 or 8 channel models, the TMI.

The TMI allows accurate measurement in challenging applications and hostile environments.

The TMI is designed to be compatible with FISO's temperature sensors, which are based on Fabry-Perot Interferometry (FPI) technology.

FISO's patented white-light interferometry technology has been used for more than 10 years in challenging applications such as aerospace, defense, medical and laboratories, always providing highly accurate and reliable measurements.

FISO Technologies' TMI represents a significant effort to reduce system cost while still allowing multi-point temperature measurements in applications that are hostile to traditional sensors.

Equipped with USB technology, the TMI allows easy connectivity with a PC.

The temperature measurement system can scan all of the channels in use with a switching time of 150ms, or sample one specific channel at a rate of 20Hz. All operational parameters are easily programmable using the front panel interface, the USB-port, or the RS-232 remote control.

A gauge factor affixed on each sensor allows the TMI to easily recognise the sensor calibration.

This new signal conditioner has a 0.01% full scale resolution (without averaging) and 0.025% full scale precision.

The TMI can be upgraded to allow measurement of other physical and chemical parameters such as pressure, strain, displacement, force, load and refractive index, all with the same signal conditioner.

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