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Satellite to ground station RF link testing

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THE Satellite Link Emulator from dBm provides a cost effective,time-saving, repeatable total solution for satellite to ground station RF link testing. It is available from Scientific Devices Aust Pty Ltd .

Accurate simulation of propagation delays, flat fading, path loss, phase shift and Doppler shifts let systems engineers create realistic, full-duplex path scenarios for closed-loop testing of satellites, ground processing equipment, and mobile transceivers.

The SLE may be configured with up to four independent channels and operates at a center frequency of 140 MHz (optional 70 MHz, and L, C, S and K-band with optional RF converters) Test parameters can be entered via the front panel, by downloading files from internal flash memory or by downloading data through the Ethernet port.

The SLE simplifies VSAT earth terminal testing and satellite channel impairment testing for Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit, Geostationary and Geosynchronous systems and has been deployed on all the major satellite programs worldwide.

The SLE is also optimised to operate with dBm's CNG series of precision carrier to noise generators, thereby allowing precisely controlled noise to be added to the RF link.

The propagation delay of the SLE may be changed under Dynamic program control and will maintain phase continuity (crucial for CDMA applications) under varying delay conditions. Time varying delay creates carrier frequency shift and chip period variations, allowing "realworld" simulation of Doppler shift resulting from a satellite overpass.

Remote control can be accomplished by making calls from test software, or by using the SleControl application program provided with the instrument. This application provides control of all SLE functions, as well as manipulation of the dynamic data files.

Applications include:

* Satellite ground equipment testing

* Payload testing

* Satellite system integration test beds

Features include:

* Static and Dynamic operation

* Phase continuous delay changes

* Ephemeris data generation using SATGEN

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