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Noisecom's calibration noise sources available from Scientific Devices Aust

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Scientific Devices Aust, providers of test and measurement equipment, offer a range of calibration noise sources from Noisecom.

Noisecom has several module styles with varying BW and power levels to calibrate spectrum analysers, microwave antennas and radiometers. Calibrating spectrum analysers or radiometers require flat, high ENR output noise sources. The NC346 and the NC3000 series provide this output and have many convenient options including, bias supply voltage, RF enclosures, TTL on/off control, isolators and connectors.

NC346 Series Broadband Precision Calibrated Noise Sources: Noisecom's NC346 Series Calibrated Noise Source is designed for precision noise figure measurement applications. Each module's low VSWR reduces multiple reflections and significantly increases the measurement accuracy for most noise figure test configurations.


  • Broadband coverage
  • Extremely good temperature stability
  • Superior voltage stability
  • Noise figure meter-compatible

NC3000 Series Calibrated Coaxial Noise Sources: Noisecom's NC 3000 Series Calibrated Noise Source are well suited for receiver testing, noise figure measurements or applications that require broadband noise and fast switching times. Several models include output isolators, and voltage regulators that provide excellent stability over varying temperature and voltage ranges. The NC 3000 Series calibrated noise source includes the NC 3100 units with 15 dB ENR output for noise-figure meters, and the NC 3200 Series high-output noise sources with outputs between 26 and 35 dB ENR for radar and satellite communication system testing.


  • Noise output rise and fall times less than 1 µs.
  • VSWR as low as 1.35:1
  • Noise output variation < 0.01 dB/°C, and < 0.1 dB/1%ΔV
  • Input power +28 VDC at 30mA max

NC346 Series Waveguide Precision Calibrated Noise Sources: Noisecom's NC346 Series waveguide is designed for narrow-band high ENR noise figure measurement applications. For high power waveguide systems, the series has an optional built-in isolator to provides low VSWR and superior flatness, typically <= +/- 1.5 dB.


  • Noise figure measurement
  • Built-in isolator option
  • LNA receiver testing
  • Radiometers

NC5000 Series Precision Calibrated Millimeter-Wave Noise Sources: The NC5000 Series Noise Sources feature outstanding stability, switching speed, and ripple-free response over standard waveguide bands. The stability of the NC5000 Series allows these units to replace cumbersome gas tube noise sources for most applications. Ripples in the output have a direct effect on measurement accuracy, so Noisecom has tailored the response to minimize this ripple throughout the specified frequency range.


  • Noise figure measurement
  • Built-in test equipment (BITE)
  • Military applications
  • Radiometers

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