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4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system available from Scientific Devices Aust

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article image The 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system

The easy-to-use 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system, available from Scientific Devices Aust , performs lab grade DC and pulse device characterisation, real-time plotting and analysis with precision and sub-femtoamp resolution.

The 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system offers advanced capabilities in a fully integrated characterisation system, including a complete, embedded PC with Windows operating system and mass storage. Its self-documenting, point-and-click interface speeds and simplifies the process of taking data, so users can begin analysing their results sooner. Additional features enable stress-measure capabilities suitable for a variety of reliability tests.

The 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system has the following features:

  • Intuitive, point-and-click Windows-based environment
  • Unique Remote PreAmps extend the resolution of SMUs to 0.1fA
  • New pulse and pulse I-V capabilities for advanced semiconductor testing
  • New scope card provides integrated scope and pulse measure functionality
  • Self-contained PC provides fast test setup, powerful data analysis, graphing and printing, and on-board mass storage of test results
  • Unique browser-style Project Navigator organises tests by device type, allows access to multiple tests, and provides test sequencing and looping control
  • Built-in stress/measure, looping, and data analysis for point-and-click reliability testing, including five JEDEC-compliant sample tests
  • Integrated support for a variety of LCR meters, Keithley switch matrix configurations, and both Keithley Series 3400
  • Includes software drivers for Cascade Microtech Summit 12K series, Karl Suss model PA-200 and model PA-300, Micromanipulator model 8860, Signatone CM500 prober, and manual probers
  • Advanced semiconductor modelling support including Keithley supplied IC-CAP device modelling package driver and support for Cadence BSIM ProPlus/Virtuoso and Silvaco UTMOST device modeling tools

Applications of the 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system are:

  • Semiconductor devices
  • On-wafer parametric test
  • Wafer level reliability
  • Packaged device characterisation
  • C-V/I-V characterisation with the model 4200-SCS control of an external LCR meter
  • High K gate charge trapping
  • Isothermal testing of devices and materials subject to self-heating effects
  • Charge pumping to characterise interface state densities in MOSFET devices
  • Resistive or capacitive MEMS drive characterisation
  • Optoelectronic devices
  • Semiconductor laser diode DC/CW characterisation
  • DC/CW characterisation of transceiver modules
  • PIN and APD characterisation
  • Technology development
  • Carbon nanotube characterisation
  • Materials research
  • Electrochemistry

The model 4200-PIV-A Pulse I-V option for the model 4200-SCS semiconductor characterization system combines the model 4205-PG2 dual-channel pulse generator with the model 4200-SCP2 oscilloscope, a specialised interconnect and patent-pending software to provide a turnkey pulse I-V solution.

The software controls sourcing from the pulse generator and data acquisition from the digital oscilloscope to automate a variety of pulse I-V tests. The 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system's interface handles instrument setup and control and data storage or presentation. The software provides both cable compensation and load-line compensation, producing DC-like I-V transistor curves, such as VDS-ID family of curves and VGS-ID for voltage threshold extraction. This solution provides pulse I-V testing to address charge trapping problems for high k gate structures and to eliminate self-heating issues in devices such as high power transistors and advanced CMOS on SOI technology.

The specialised interconnect solves problems encountered in high speed pulse testing that include:

  • Combining pulse and DC sources to a single DUT pin permits both DC and pulse characterisation without the need for re-cabling or switching
  • Impedance matching, which minimises reflection and maintains pulse fidelity
  • Easy setup as a result of straightforward cabling and connection to the DUT
  • The pulse I-V package provides an easy-to-understand solution and offers access to the pulse generator and scope for general purpose pulse and scope applications

Related applications include:

  • Pulse I-V for leading-edge CMOS devices
  • Pulse voltage on gate, DC bias on drain
  • Measure drain current and gate pulse
  • ±5V pulses for the gate (40ns to 150ns), ±200V DC for the drain
  • Included tests: VDS - ID: Both pulse and DC, VGS - ID: Both pulse and DC
  • Single-pulse scope view: Useful for setup validation, PW optimisation, and prototyping of novel pulse tests

The new model 4200-CVU-PWR C V Power Package hardware option for the model 4200 SCS semiconductor characterisation system is designed to work in tandem with the C-V software tools in KTEI V7.1 to allow C V testing of high power devices at up to 200VDC (or 400VDC differential) and at up to 300mA. Such C V testing is required for design, testing, and modelling of automotive electrical devices, MEMS, laterally diffused MOS (LDMOS), displays, and other higher power devices.

With the addition of Keithley’s model 4200-CVU-PWR CV Power Package, the model 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system now has the ability to support higher power C-V, pulse I-V (current-voltage), and DC I-V applications all in the same chassis.

Another capability included in the upgrade is the use of differential DC biases. The model 4200-CVU integrated C-V instrument's symmetrical circuitry, combined with a flash memory upgrade, allows applying up to 60V of differential DC bias on both C-V HI and C-V LO terminals. Keithley is the first parametric analyser vendor to offer this capability, allowing flexible control over the electric fields of devices being tested. This feature is useful for device modelling of devices such as nano components. The 4200-CVU firmware upgrade is included in KTEI V7.1, so there's no need to return the unit to the factory for reprogramming.

The software upgrade supports a novel quasistatic C V measurement technique, the Ramp Rate Method, which uses the model 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system's existing SMUs and preamplifiers. Quasistatic C V techniques are appropriate for characterising low power CMOS, high-k dielectrics, display devices, and other low leakage devices.

Keithley's model 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system replaces a variety of electrical test tools with a single, tightly integrated characterisation solution and is suitable for a variety of applications including semiconductor technology development, process development, and materials research in reliability labs, materials and device research labs and consortia, as well as any lab needing a benchtop DC or pulse instrument. Keithley has enhanced the model 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system hardware and software since its introduction. This assures a cost-effective upgrade path, so users do not have to buy a new parametric analyser because their old one is obsolete. Systems can be upgraded cost-effectively to keep up with the evolving test needs.

The Keithley Test Environment Interactive (KTEI) V7.1 for the award-

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