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Enwave Optronics appoints Scientex as new distributor

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Enwave Optronics, an innovative leader in affordable Raman spectroscopy solutions has appointed Scientex as exclusive distributor.

The new range of EZRaman series of analysers provides simple, rapid and high performance Raman analysis at relatively moderate costs.

The analysers feature Enwave Optronics’ own proprietary frequency stabilised diode lasers, high throughput Raighley rejection probes and XCTRaman compact spectrographs together with efficient and user friendly RamaReader software.

The compact, robust, and affordable EZRaman spectrometers suit academic, research, industrial, laboratory, manufacturing process and field applications.

Laboratories that may already have a high resolution Raman spectrometer; Enwave products offer an affordable option to expand capacity or use for simpler applications.

There are four models to choose from with features including, 200/400mW Divya 785 nm stabilised laser, TE regulated linear CCD, 250 to 2,300 cm-1 and <6 cm-1 resolution.

Other lasers and power output available as options on some models.

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