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article image Screenshot of PMA’s WebReach feature.

POWER Measurement has announced the release of its most web-friendly software to date: the ION Enterprise 4.0 energy management software featuring WebReach.

The new WebReach feature further extends the capabilities of the ION Enterprise software by making vital power system information available to authorised users anywhere around the globe through a simple web browser.

WebReach enables ION Enterprise users to access meter events, waveforms, data logs, and real-time system information from any computer with Internet access.

It displays information through a standard web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, and requires no additional software or special configuration.

With WebReach, users can check on their energy management system from anywhere in the world, plus they can copy and paste data logs from ION Enterprise to other enterprise applications, such as Microsoft Excel, for custom reporting and analysis.

ION Enterprise 4.0 is designed to help energy suppliers, service providers, and consumers take charge of the quality, reliability and cost of their electricity.

The software offers a combination of energy information and control capabilities that can simultaneously address diverse needs ranging from billing, load aggregation and cost allocation, to power quality management and distributed generation.

It leverages popular communications infrastructures - Internet, Ethernet, telephone, and wireless - to provide a high degree of accessibility, responsiveness and affordability.

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