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THE ION 7600 meter from Power Measurement , equipped with extensive power quality analysis and compliance reporting capabilities, can be used to quickly verify the "number of nines" of reliability delivered by your power system.

Availability values can be viewed through the meter's front panel, with the Vista component of ION Enterprise software, ION Setup software, or from reports generated by ION Enterprise software.

The power grid was originally developed to provide 99.9% reliability ("3 nines" or 8.8 hours downtime a year).

However, any disruption is unacceptable to businesses in the digital economy or other sensitive manufacturing markets, which can require up to 99.9999% reliability ("six nines" or less than 30 seconds of downtime a year) or higher.

When the ION 7600 meter is part of an enterprise energy management system, power reliability can be improved as well as measured.

An energy management system pulls together all power reliability components (such as transfer switches, generators, and uninterruptible power supplies) into a single, coordinated system providing the information required to maximize uptime.

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