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Intelligent RTU for energy management

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article image Collect, scale, and log readings.

POWER Measurement has introduced an option for its ION 7500 energy meter that converts the device into an intelligent, web-enabled RTU for combined ‘wages’ utilities metering (water, air, gas, electricity, steam).

The dedicated RTU (remote terminal unit) will automatically collect, scale, and log readings from a large number of connected meters or transducers and deliver information to one or more head-end systems through a combination of integrated Ethernet, modem or serial gateways.

The company says the RTU is ideal for commercial or industrial sub-metering, as well as transducer and equipment monitoring at utility substations.

The RTU operates as a Modbus master communications device, allowing up to thirty-two meters or transducers to be connected to one of its serial ports.

It will also accept pulse inputs from an additional eight devices through its onboard digital inputs, and can be optionally equipped with an expansion card that provides up to eight additional digital inputs, four analogue inputs, and four analogue outputs.

The RTU provides programmable scaling, filtering and conversion of data and stores the information in extensive on-board, non-volatile memory.

In turn, the device acts as a low-cost data concentrator, securely delivering all collected information over public or private networks, including the internet, to Power Measurement’s ION Enterprise energy management software or other information and automation systems.

Information can be transferred using unique MeterM@il e-mail messaging, or accessed from the device’s WebMeter web server using a standard browser. System interoperability is further supported by a choice of communications protocols including Modbus and DNP.

The RTU also shares a number of the ION 7500 meter’s other features. The optional high-visibility front panel LCD display can be used to locally view metered values from all inputs, graphically trend data, and view alarm status.

Programmable setpoints can be used to alarm on out-of-limit conditions (e.g. peak demand), or to trigger one of the seven on-board relays.

Based on the company’s patented ION technology, the device comes pre-configured for standard applications, as well as offering unique modular programmability for extensive customisation.

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