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Support for Altera's soft core processor

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SYSTEM developers designing with Altera Nios soft core embedded processor will be able to implement Accelerated Technology's Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) into their designs.

In an agreement between Altera, represented in Australia by Braemac and ATI, the Nucleus RTOS will support the Nios 2.0 soft core, the second version of the industry's first general-purpose RISC-based soft core embedded processor optimised for programmable logic.

The combination of the Nios soft core and the Nucleus RTOS simplifies design processes and improves time-to-market for designers building applications in the areas of low-volume consumer products, digital entertainment, networking and telecommunications, as well as leading edge applications employing Bluetooth.

The Nios soft core, a general-purpose RISC CPU component of Altera's Excalibur embedded processor solutions, enables engineers to integrate systems on a single programmable logic device (PLD). The Nios 2.0 soft core will provide system integration and customisation advantages not available in other processors.

ATI's Nucleus PLUS is a flexible and scalable real-time kernel, and Nucleus NET is a full-featured TCP/IP protocol stack. Together, these compose the software portion of a system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) application using the Nios soft core.

SOPC developers designing with the Nios soft core can create a custom microcontroller system by utilising the SOPC Builder development tool included with the Excalibur Development Kit featuring the Nios embedded processor.

Using a wizard, developers can select size or speed optimisation, as well as an entire catalog of peripheral options at the push of a button. Braemac 02 8594 5642.

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