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Hitachi & ST in bed together

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The dalliance between Hitachi and STMicroelectronics that began in 1999 is settling into a committed relationship with the announcement the companies are planning to co-develop the SH-6 and SH-7 microprocessor architectures. While each company will market its products under different names, they believe they can get their products to the market quicker together than they could working separately.

The target applications for the new architectures will be digital video cameras, video telephones, home networking Internet appliances and digital televisions. They will be looking at performance levels of up to 1GHz and 2000MIPS. Both will be based on the SH-5 architecture. The SH-6 will include micro-architecture enhancements for more advanced interactive networking. The SH-7 will expand on that to provide even more advanced CPU for multimedia applications. Both companies are represented in Australia by distributor Braemac .

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