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article image Schenck wet drum magnetic separator.

SCHENCK wet drum magnetic separators are specially designed for the recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon from dilute media.

These units use high strength radial pole (HSRP) type permanent magnets that are ‘sandwiched’ between steel pole pieces, with an active angle of 136°. High magnetic field flux density and gradient are produced in the active separation zone.

Magnetic field strength (gauss2/cm) on the drum surface is approximately twice that of conventional interpole type magnet assemblies. Due to a constant gauss profile, easy transfer of magnetics from drum to the discharge point is achieved.

Schenck wet drum magnetic separators handle high pulp loadings and achieve maximum recovery of magnetics at high densities.

Designed for superior performance, these units provide high recovery at low operating costs, with practically no maintenance over many years of service.

The magnet/pole elements are bolted to a mild steel shaft that is machined to accept the drum bearings, drive end stub shaft and non-drive end shaft clamp block.

The drum is made from 3mm thick stainless steel, with a 3mm thick stainless steel wear wrap welded to the drum shell for long service life.

The drum arrangement is a counter-rotation style, with extra long magnetic pick up zone.

The pulp level is fixed by a full width adjustable weir plate, with the level automatically maintained for normal plant feed fluctuations. No spigot control is required.

A direct drive assembly allows for ease of maintenance.

Magnetics recovery efficiency is maintained for maximum pulp volume ratings, with typical recoveries of magnetite up to 99.9% (95% for <45μ) and ferrosilicon up to 99.95% for all grades, milled and atomised.

Double drum arrangements are also available, with two separators arranged ‘back to back’ with a common feed box.

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