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Centrifuge for coarse coal

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article image Horizontal vibratory centrifuge.

SCHENCK Australia has released the SCC centrifuge for drying coarse coal from 50mm to 0.5mm.

The horizontal vibratory centrifuge has a high capacity and high solids recovery capability, without some of the problems found in conventional units.

It works on the principle that rapidly vibrated material will fluidise and flow as the frictional forces between particles and the basket are decreased. This makes it possible to convey the material along the sloping surface of the basket. The high gravitational forces created by the rotation of the wedge wire basket drives off the surface water and the coal is dried.

The Schenck SCC has a hinged front door for easy access to the basket for inspection and replacement. The inlet chute is fixed to the door and swings clear of the basket for easy basket removal. The vibration system is a twin mass system which has been tuned so that the excitation frequency is below the resonance frequency of the system.

As the mass in the basket increases the resonance frequency decreases and gets closer to the excitation frequency. This means that the amplitude of the vibration increases as the centrifuge is more heavily loaded, making the system self-regulating. Peak loads will cause a momentary increase to the vibration, in order to clear the overloading and stop the centrifuge from bogging.

The vibration amplitude is adjustable by variation of motor counterweights. The operator can optimise the operating performance of the centrifuge. The centrifuge is configurable for left or right-handed operation.

Ceramic, wear-resistant tiles are used to line the high wear areas such as the inlet chute and the dried solids discharge chamber and chute. Vibration and bearing monitoring are available with the optional Vibromac 200.

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