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article image The Solidsflow Model 2000.

THE Model 2000 mass flow feeder, part of the Solidsflow range, is now available from Schenck Australia .

Based on louvered vibratory feeding technology, the feeder utilises a vibrating drive and tray frame, which contains a removable feed tray.

The feed tray is fitted with a number of slats of varying lengths set at an angle, with a predetermined distance between slats. The discharge area is effectively divided into a series of material feed slats.

Each slat acts as a vibratory feeder, with a gap and overlap across the entire width of the discharge opening. All slat dimensions and angels are fixed to suit the particular characteristics of the different material being fed. Once vibration ceases, material flow stops due to the change in the vibrated and static angle of the product's repose.

The Solidsflow Model 2000 requires very little maintenance and has no moving parts. Ruggedly built, the Model 2000 can feed abrasive material, as well as differing sized feed as well as easily damaged material.

The feed tray is vibrated at 3000 cycles per minute, providing a uniform, non-pulsating material discharge, with excellent short term sampling accuracy.

The Model 2000 is also characterised by large flow rate turndown ratio, making this feeder ideal for batching applications. A natural mass flow feeding device, no material segregation occurs.

As well, no material degradation is experienced during discharge and no flow promoting device is required.

Schenck utilises a Jenike shear tester to insure proper feeder size and mass flow for differing user requirements. Use of the tester allows Schenck to evaluate the flow properties of the feed material and recommend the best feeder and hopper design for a user's unique application.

The Model 2000 can be supplied in special finishes and coatings.

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