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Turfmaster Facility Management uses Schaffer 5050ZS articulated loader

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Jason Fetherston, a leading hand in the Western Australian company’s turf division, has operated his articulated loader for several months, since the Turfmaster Facility Management bought the front end loader in 2005, after comparing its performance with several other articulated loaders.

“We searched for a long time for a suitable articulated loader for our purposes,” Jason said. “I was sold on it as soon as I drove it. It’s the strongest, robust articulated loader on the market, with the lowest profile, so it’s not top heavy. Because of its low profile, it provides easy access for the operator, but it still has a good ground clearance.

“I couldn’t be happier with it; I’ve really put the articulated loader through its paces. We use it for a wide range of tasks, including lifting jumbo rolls of turf, up to 1.2 tonnes, and pallets of turf. We’ve added weight to the back and the strength in the forks is phenomenal.”

Stability, safety and strength are the main advantages of the Schaffer articulated loader, Jason says. He says he is impressed with the quality of the materials used in its construction, as well as the torque at the drive wheels and the large rams, providing a lot of strength in the bucket and on forks when you need it.

“Schaffer articulated loaders have a very good high reach, but its low height allows it to go under carports. This is a problem with every other articulated loader. It’s the only articulated loader with such a low centre of gravity, but it still has the full ROPS (safety roll-over) system.”

Jason’s comments are echoed by the company’s workshop coordinator, Steve Brightman, who recommended the Schaffer articulated loader to Turfmaster. “It has a better build quality, compared with other articulated loaders,” Steve says. It has all good quality gear, with its Kubota motor, Bosch hydraulics, ram diameter and thick steel plate. It is a more industrial type of articulated loader; everything is beefed up; it’s a strong unit.”

Other good features of the articulated loader, according to Steve, include the oscillating rear axle, which provides far superior stability on uneven ground, and the good turning circle, which allows the loader to work in confined spaces.

Ease of control, with forward and reverse controls and clutch-less hydrostatic gears, as well as the bucket control, all on one stick, is another factor that convinced Steve to recommend the Schaffer Articulated loader to Turfmaster.

Turfmaster Facility Management specialises in turf farming, installation and maintenance, as well as horticultural maintenance and weed control along railway lines in Western Australia and Victoria.

The company manages and maintains several large sporting venues throughout the Perth metropolitan area, including Subiaco Oval, Fremantle Oval, Leederville Oval, Perth Oval, Arena Joondalup and Point Walter golf course.

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