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Tim Davies Landscaping uses Schaffer 3150 front end loader

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Tim Davies Landscaping purchased their second Schaffer front end loader late ’06 and is keen to purchase his third Schaffer front end loader 3150.

A heavy duty front end loader, imported from Germany, proved ideal for landscaping and construction work on an international resort at Exmouth, at the north-west tip of Western Australia.

The Schaffer 3150 is a new machine to be brought onto the market by Schaffer Loaders, which has been building front end loaders for more than 50 years. The 3150 has been designed specifically for the construction industry, to satisfy the demand for a compact front end loader that can lift huge loads.

One of these front end loaders was bought in June 2006 by Tim Davies Landscaping, a Perth-based company, to carry out landscaping work on the Novotel Ningaloo Resort, a 66-room luxury resort that opened in December.

Tim Davies Landscaping has been successfully designing, constructing and maintaining top quality commercial and residential landscapes for 21 years and is recognised as a leader in the industry.

Davies says he is absolutely delighted with the front end loader, which is “head and shoulders” above a previous light weight machine that he had bought. “We made a bad business decision by buying the other front end loader,” he said. “A colleague mentioned Schaffer loaders, so we did research and found it to be a heavy duty loader. We are very satisfied with it. We prefer front end loaders for landscaping work as skid steers damage the ground too much, you need to find experienced personnel to operate them and they just don’t have the lift capacity we need.”

“We like to buy quality and we have now found the right machine for our work. It’s ideally suited to the landscaping industry. We have been using it for earthmoving and landscaping work, shifting rocks, soil preparation, etc.”

Grant Voss, who has done hundreds of hours with his Schaffer 3150 at Exmouth, says he has found the machine to be outstanding for landscaping work. “It is the ultimate machine, compared to the last one I was using,” he said. “It is heavy duty construction, built tough.”

Voss, and other operators, use the front end loader for a range of jobs, including general digging work, loading soil, backfilling soil after planting palms, digging drainage trenches and lifting steel panels onto rammed earth walls. It has also been used to unload road trains, taking off pallets of bricks and cement and a jib for placing limestone blocks.

“It is easy to operate, with single lever controls,” Voss said. “It has a good turning circle and a good travelling speed. And the power to weight ratio is very good. It has a safe working load of about 1.2 tonnes but can lift a lot more.

“And it has a narrow wheelbase, so it can fit through small spaces. It is a multi-use, versatile machine. It is much better designed and built than the previous front end loader I was using. It is not just a yard machine like other front end loaders.”

Cameron Moir, the manager of Schaffer Loaders in Australia, says the 3150 is unrivalled in the weight it can pick up, relative to its size. This is due to its shorter mast: 2.5 metre pivot point. “The mast is heavy duty, made of 30mm plate,” Moir said. The massive lift cylinder, usually found in a six-tonne loader, is designed to pick up heavy weights with ease.

“Another major feature is the front end loader has a low centre of gravity. It is extremely stable as the load centre has been brought in with the shorter mast. The long wheel base, compared to skid steers, allows it to ride over rough construction sites with ease, giving the operator a smooth ride and allowing much more traction, as the wheels stay on the ground. But it is still high enough to tip into a six-wheeler dump truck.”

“All Schaffer loader are true integrated tool carriers, being able to run just about any accessory on the market. When running trenchers, post hole augers, sweepers, etc, the operator gets a great view of all accessories, as the mast is close to the seat.

“There is a great flow of 60 litres per minute at 3000 psi to run accessories. Hydraulic cooling and engine cooling has been improved with the addition of another fan cooler for tough Aussie conditions.

“It runs a fully hydrostatic transmission, using a two-speed pump: low range for greater torque when the ultimate pushing power is required and high range for greater speed. The engine is a 48hp, V2203 non-turbo Kubota, using the latest emission standards. All hydraulic components are industrial quality by Bosch/Rexroth and the differentials are made by ZF for Schaffer.”

Moir says German machinery is known worldwide for quality workmanship and innovative designs. “The Schaffer factory is no exception, he said. “Their first front end loaders, built 25 years ago, are still operating.”

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