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Schaffer front end loaders score 10 out of 10 from Rock and Water

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article image Schaffer 5058ZS front end loader at work

Rock and Water, based in Blacksoil, near Ipswich, Queensland, bought their Schaffer 5058ZS in January 2006 and haven’t had any regrets since.

The business is owned by Ben and David Peterson and Milton St John. The team at Rock and Water has a number of Schaffer accessories to go with their loader that they use on a regular basis. Along with the 4 in 1 bucket, they own a Norm GP bucket, a set of forks, a Digga post-hole auger and a Digga chain trencher.   

“It’s a very versatile loader. It’s one machine that does everything we need it to do.”  Yard foreman Milton says.
Schaffer front end loaders have the highest auxiliary flow on the market, allowing it to be a true integrated tool carrier, with a huge cooling capacity to match.  

Schaffer front end loaders have a huge range. The 5058ZS runs a water cooled Kubota V3300, a 4 cylinder (non turbo) 3.3 litre which develops 70hp and the auxiliary flow rate is nearly 90 litres per minute at 3300 psi.   

The Schaffer 5058ZS has a heavy, industrial, German build quality with axles built by ZF and Bosch/Rexroth industrial quality hydraulics.

The Schaffer front end loaders are designed around minimum down time with over sized rams, pins & sealed articulation joints so there’s no need to worry about anything going wrong.  

The Schaffer 5058ZS  has a 10% greater articulation angle than other front end loaders on the market and it is easy to drive with all the functions on one joystick, including forward/reverse, mast up/down, crowd in/out, auxiliary controls & an hydraulic quick attachment for changing tools.  

Milton says, “The front end loaders hydraulic quick attachment is absolutely brilliant. It cuts changing time in half and it means that I don’t need to get out of the vehicle every time I need to change a tool.”    

The Schaffer 5058ZS has a 3.4m mast and is designed for very heavy duty earthmoving work. The front end loaders also have a factory cabin as an option with air-conditioning by Crisp Air.  

A hardtop model is available with an operating weight of 4.5 - 5 tonnes.  It has Z kinematic linkage for a higher breakout force, limited slip differentials with outboard planetary axles and a full floating rear axle which gives greater stability.  

Milton says, “We are very satisfied with our front end loader's performance, it’s the best thing that we’ve ever bought for our business. It’s so easy to drive and I reckon that if anyone test drives one of Schaffer's front end loaders, they’ll want to buy one too.  

“To put it simply we think the Schaffer 5058ZS that we use is a 10 out of 10. We’ve had no problems with the machine and it does everything we need it to do in our day-to-day business.”

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