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SSI Schaefer launches own satellite system

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After 18 months of development, Schaefer Systems International have introduced its own version of the Satellite System, known as the Orbiter, which uses a unique power technology and incorporates new safety concepts.

Setting new standards for satellite solutions, the Schaefer Orbiter System (SOS) uses a new concept for storage and transporting the unit, which consists of the satellite with docking station, and hence considerably increases the efficiency and performance, as well as the safety operation of the satellite storage concept.

According to Mr Alan Clark, Managing Director, SSI Schaefer Australasia, the Orbiter and docking station are designed for high density storage solutions using any type of material handling equipment.

“The Schaefer Orbiter and docking station are provided as a set, with lock-in pins safely securing the Orbiter into the docking station; preventing accidental slippage,” Mr Clark said.

When the Orbiter is required to be located in a specific channel, the fork-lift picks up the docking station with the Orbiter, and locates it in the front centring console of the rack face. Eliminating operator stress, the Docking Station is therefore easy, safe and fast to use as it is fitted with fork pockets below the unit to avoid possible movement. Its location into the high visibility plastic guides, which provide up to 50mm operational clearance, can be with the same speed and safety as the location of pallets within the system even when operating at heights of 9-10m.

Fitted with high performance condensers, utilising an in rack integrated power supply, the Schaefer Orbiter satellite System, is completely unique in comparison to the traditional battery operated systems. By introducing an innovative power supply solution, SSI Schaefer’s engineers have designed the Orbiter to be recharged every time it enters the docking station. As power caps have a long life expectancy, it means the Orbiter satellite can be used in deep freeze applications continuously, without loss of power or operational efficiency. As the system requires no battery change, the operational cycle time for pallet movements can be increased substantially.  

Simple to operate

The Schaefer Orbiter satellite system can be used with any conventional fork lift. The Orbiter works in the storage channels fully independently, controlled by radio frequency using a remote control fixed in the cab of the fork lift operator. The satellite receives its commands via the remote control (complete with easy to understand icons).

All functions, such as storage, retrieval, inventory count and shuffle mode, etc. are controlled by the forklift driver and relayed to the to the Orbiter using RF technology, which carries out the command automatically and returns to the station after each procedure. Depending on the depth of each channel it is possible for one operative to handle multiple Orbiters, thus increasing the number of pallet cycles per fork lift truck. The faster running speed of 1m per second, together with the ease and safe movement of the Orbiter from one channel to another, using the docking station, will translate into more pallets cycles per hour per operative and fork lift, effecting further cost savings to the storage operation.

By using the unique concept of an independent Docking Station, the Orbiter can be quickly located in the channel - the high visibility docking station provides warehouse operatives a fast yet simple visual identification of which channel the Orbiter is operational. It also acts as an additional safety device effectively blocking the aisle from personal access.

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