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Megabin pallet size bulk bins from Schaefer Store

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Now available from Schaefer Store , the Megabin is a pallet size bulk bin designed for fruit and vegetable movement and retail high performance.

The design of these pallet size bulk bins is compatible with most bin handling equipment including Schaefer Store's forklift mounted hydraulic bin tipper and forklift mounted mechanical bin tipper.

Available vented and non-vented, these pallet size bulk bins come with a bin cover and tipping bars. They also come with liquid bungs or can be hotstamped.

These Megabins are up to 40% lighter in weight than timber bins and the weight is constant as they do not absorb moisture. In practice 2-3 extra bins of fruit per semi-trailer load are able to be transported due to these weight savings.

Manufactured from food grade polypropylene and high density polyethylene, these pallet size bulk bins meet the requirements AS2070-1999 of Plastics Materials For Food Contact Use.

Additional key features of the Megabin pallet size bulk bin include:

  • rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces for minimal bruising and damage to produce
  • multiple vents in the sides and base for optimal airflow so products cool faster
  • rounded entry with a larger forklift entry height than wooden bins
  • smooth, non-absorbent surface, unaffected by dipping operations
  • unique moulded label holders for cards and tags
  • small, exterior pads to reduce scratches
  • simple, clear ownership with identification with hot foil stamping
  • comfortable built in handholds for easy lifting and handling of bins
  • positive interlocking foot design for fast and safe stacking
  • capacity of 780L.

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17/04/2012 - $310.00 + GST & Delivery.
14/03/2012 - The megabin 780L is priced at $310.00 + GST and Delivery.

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