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Dockless trailer loaders from Schaefer Store

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article image Dockless trailer loaders are ideal for small to medium warehouses without loading docks

Now available from Schaefer Storedockless trailer loaders offer superior product loading performance and prove highly valuable for small/medium warehouses without built in loading docks.

Dockless trailer loaders from Schaefer Store can provide a trailer penetration of 8.5m with a productive 22m per minute belt speed.

The system's 200mm locking castors make it very safe and simple to manoeuvre for multi door situations, while the addition of gravity skate wheel or powered roller tongue extensions make these dockless trailer loaders ideal for 6m and 12m containers and trucks. These systems also easily connect to Bestflex flexible conveyors for continuous conveying.

Features of the dockless trailer loaders include:

  • effective 600mm width
  • heavy gauge fabricated hollow steel section construction
  • 240volt power requirement
  • 0.37kw drive
  • two ply, high grip, rough top finish conveyor belt
  • forward/reverse/stop controls located on both sides of the in feed boom
  • 950kg weight.

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