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Scania pulls its weight in mining operations - AIMEX Preview

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article image Scania R 620 V8 Heavy Haul

Scania has commissioned several prime movers and rigid trucks with Australian mine operators to show how well suited they are for the country’s mining conditions.

The first to be demonstrated was the R 620 V8-powered prime mover. The demonstration on Australian mine sites not only had to win over operators and their balance sheet guardians, but also drivers accustomed to American trucks.

But in its first month of operation on a gold mine in Kalgoorlie, the experienced driver who drove the R 620 along a 40km haul road of hard packed clay up to five times a day was an early convert.

Never having driven a cab-over European truck before, the driver fell for the comfort and quietness of the cab.

It is rated at 200-tonnes GCM. This gives a 140-tonne payload potential when pulling four side-tipping trailers.

The V8 engine produces 620 hp and 3,000 Nm of torque. It comes with powerful pulling performance and economical fuel consumption even when running fully loaded.

The first test it went through was quite simple: pulling a water cart along the haul road. Then came the tough part: hauling 140-tonnes of ore.

But the vehicle managed it and the driver had the added benefit of a retarder, which allows the vehicle to be decelerated almost to a standstill without using the service breaks.

This keeps them cold for emergency operation as well as reducing wear and tear, promoting improved uptime.

The vehicle drives through a three-pedal Scania Opticruise automated shifting GRSO925R overdrive transmission. This allows automatic gear selection by the Opticruise system, but allows manual override by the driver at the pull of the Opticruise lever.

Testing feedback revealed the system works more smoothly than other mounts.

The bogie drive axles use hub reduction, and an axle ratio of 4.71:1. The wheelbase stands at 4500 millimetres and Scania fitted super-single steer tyres on the front axle while under test in WA.

With a total technical weight of 40,500 kilograms, it was equipped with 1400 litres of fuel split between two tanks, one on either side of the chassis, along with a suitable capacity of AdBlue.

It comes with several mine-friendly features including rotating beacons, reflective stripes, a bull bar with extra driving lights and a heavy-duty fifth wheel for the tests.

Of the four trailers, three B-trailers had a capacity of 40-tonnes each.

The company has a range of heavy-duty trucks apt for mining operators. It includes the P 360 4x4 tray top truck for light delivery work, G 360 dumper truck that arrives from Europe with the body attached so it is immediately ready for work.

The range also includes an 8x4 G 400 flat top complete with HIAB lifting arm that makes it easier to move machinery from site to site and can be hitched to a dog trailer for extra capacity.

The company has also added an 8x4 G 400 Tilt Tray to the range, with a large capacity load bed and hydraulic arm.

It also has been successful supplying mine-specification crew transport buses in the form of the Scania-Higer A30 mining bus which can seat up to 60 work crew and is equipped with full mine-specification safety equipment.

It is extremely reliable, has economic fuel consumption and uptime. One operator has more than 30 of these vehicles already in service.

Scania will have a display of vehicles and services at AIMEX and will be available to discuss mining operators’ needs in detail on the stand or after the show.

You can contact the Scania Mining Services Division on 1300 SCANIA or visit www.scania.com.au for more information.

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