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article image L&W pulp tester – online system for standardised pulp measurements

The L&W pulp tester, available from Scandinavian Electronics Pty Ltd is a reliable, repeatable and cost-effective online system for standardised pulp measurements.

Pulp testers by Lorentzen & Wettre are designed for process and laboratory control of pulp, with the measurements conforming to established standards and helping to achieve uniform paper quality in the pulp and paper industry.

L&W pulp testers offer a combination of different measurements. Additional modules can be connected to fit specific production needs or for measurement of different properties according to the customers’ requirements such as optical properties, fibre morphology and freeness. The basis of the system is a sample preparation unit with a dilution tank and up to 10 (or more) different pulp sampler connections.

Lorentzen & Wettre offers three different samplers ranging from low consistency (0-4%) to medium consistency (0-15%). It is also possible to connect a manual input unit and/or a multi manual input station to the L&W pulp tester.

The sample is diluted to accurate consistency in the sample preparation unit, and then distributed to the different measuring modules. If there is a shive measuring module (optional) in the system, the shive content is measured on the remains of the sample in the dilution tank. The sample is subsequently flushed out and the system cleaned before the next sample is collected.

It takes about four minutes to test one sample, allowing the L&W pulp tester to report up to 360 measurements of each property in 24 hours.

Measurement results are displayed as different default and user-defined numerical and graphical reports and can be stored in the L&W pulp tester database. Results after a measurement cycle can be transferred through the mill’s data network for immediate action by operators.

Key benefits of L&W pulp testers:

  • Automatic and online process
  • Measurements according to standards
  • Quantitative measurements in one system
  • Minimises web breaks and optimises production
  • Increases mill productivity and profitability
  • Optimises usage of raw material
  • Controls grade changes
  • Offers communication protocols, networking and remote support possibilities

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