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L&W Autoline 400 automatic paper testers from Scandinavian Electronics

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article image L&W Autoline 400 can be run by anyone at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The L&W Autoline 400, available from Scandinavian Electronics Pty Ltd is a fast and accurate system for automatic paper testing.

The automatic paper testers allow more than 50 properties to be measured and calculated within a few minutes, and are suitable for use on everything from newsprint to heavy linerboard and cardboard.

The L&W Autoline 400 greatly reduces, or even eliminates traditional sources of variation in paper testing attributable to operator technique, tester changes, sample preparation, manual sample cutting or varying positions during testing.

Operator and instrument variation

L&W Autoline 400 does not require operator involvement or specialised skills, eliminating differences in lab results caused by tester changes or different operating techniques.

Sample preparation

One of the most important and often ignored areas causing testing variation, sample preparation can impact the results. Manual cutting of samples from a jumbo reel can be difficult to replicate from reel to reel, much less from operator to operator. Incorrectly cut samples can additionally affect the orientation of the sample in the test instrument. Using L&W profile sample cutters, samples can be collected the same way every time, ensuring consistency and less variability.

Testing in the true MD and CD direction

Manually cutting samples from the reel and then cutting the individual test pieces present another opportunity for variation. If samples are not cut straight, one cannot test in the true MD and CD direction, which will introduce variations as well as poor quality test results. The L&W profile sample cutter can cut samples in true CD direction. With precise feeding of the sample by L&W Autoline 400, testing in the true MD and CD direction is ensured every time.

Same position testing

Position variations caused by not testing in the same position on the reel every time could also be hiding existing or developing problems. L&W Autoline 400 utilises a precise feeding mechanism to ensure measurement at exactly the same position every time, facilitating long-term comparisons of a particular cross machine position to analyse MD variations.

Increasing the number of data points

Increasing the number of positions tested makes the average of those measurements statistically more reliable. Testing volume is considerably increased with the L&W Autoline 400 compared to manual testing, making it possible to test every property in every reel every time.

Key benefits of L&W Autoline 400 automatic paper testers:

  • Measures and calculates more than 50 different properties, most of them according to international standards
  • Warning alert if the measurement results are outside specified targets and limits
  • Fast testing, taking about 8 minutes to measure a profile at 20 positions
  • Results easily accessible via the mill’s local area network
  • Several pre-programmed testing sequences available
  • Remote viewing station provides real time data

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