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CTX 20/25 sensors for control of sand filter backwash

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Available from Scandinavian Electronics Pty Ltd , the CTX 20/25 sensors are recommended for use to control the backwashing process in sand filters.

Sand filters need to be backwashed on a regular basis with the frequency of washing depending on the variation in the load or seasonal changes in the raw water.

Usually, backwashing is performed for an extended duration to ensure effective cleaning of the filter. This extra flushing time can be avoided with a CTX 20/25 sensor that measures the suspended solids in the flush water.

This measurement will indicate when the amount of solids in the water decreases so that the flushing can be stopped at a certain pre-set level and the regular running of the filter resumed. These sensors are able to control the backwash based on the cleaning requirement of the filter rather than any specific time duration, not only saving cost of energy but also, in some cases the volume of the flush basin.

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