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Scan-Xpress offers TRITOP 3D measurement and 3D modelling systems

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article image A standard notebook PC is all users need to operate TRITOP 3D measurement and modelling systems

TRITOP 3D measurement and modelling systems, now available from Scan-Xpress , are used for the highly accurate, non-contact measurement of 3D coordinates of discrete object points.

This results in a mobile system that is capable of providing time effective onsite measurement for quality control and deformation analysis.

Suitable for use with objects up to and over 10m, TRITOP optical measurement instruments can be operated by using a standard notebook PC, and also feature:

  • easy and fast image acquisition
  • automatic computation of digital images
  • precise measurement of 3D coordinates; and
  • a clear and easy user interface.
They can directly interface with ATOS software, which can handle several thousand measuring points, and allows for the use of different recording devices.

Measurements can be exported in a range of standard formats, with TRITOP 3D modelling systems achieving measuring accuracies of 0.01mm per 1m object size.

TRITOP 3D modelling systems are suitable for:

  • generating a precise and absolute reference point system for use with a full-field ATOS measurement
  • variance comparison of the measuring points to CAD for quality control
  • deformation analysis of components and prototypes; and
  • setup control of fixtures and holding devices.

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