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Portable laser Z Scanners from Scan-Xpress

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Scan-Xpress  provide Z Scanners that are handheld, self-orienting 3D scanners useful to scan object placed in a tight space. This scanner offers one continuous scan as there is no need for tripods, mechanical arms or positioning devices. This handheld scanning device allows the user to scan hard-to-reach objects in a few minutes.

Z Scanners, manufactured by Z Corporation are part-referenced, allowing the user to move the target during scanning and view the real-time image. They capture data in one continuous scan, eliminating the need for several shots from fixed point. Equipped with ZScan software, Z Scanners automatically produce an .stl file for import into a 3D CAD software package. The .stl file for can also be used for output to a 3D printer.

ZScanner 700 and ZScanner 800 are two models of scanners available from Scan-Xpress. Both models are portable laser scanners that help engineers improve design and inspection all through the manufacturing process. Scanning of objects is easy and accurate as the scanner is connected to a laptop through a single FireWire cable.

ZScanner 700 and ZScanner 800 offer automatic, multi-resolution function. This function self calibrates the resolution level depending on the type of surface that is scanned. There is a push-button activation for the high resolution mode, making them compatible for various applications.

ZScanner 700 and ZScanner 800 are suitable for reverse engineering speed and accuracy for aftermarket product design, scanning product samples for accurate geometry and texture data, scan hand-crafted samples for complex designs, digital storage of tools, samples and prototypes, digital media from artist's concept models for computer games and movies, of artist's concept models, high-resolution, low-impact scans for reconstruction and restoration of architecture and artwork and detailed reproductions of organs and bone structures for medical education.

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