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Optical measuring systems for 3D applications from Scan-Xpress

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Scan-Xpress  are distributors of optical measuring systems manufactured by GOM. These measuring systems are focused on applications like 3D digitising, quality control, 3D coordinate measurements and deformation measurements. The optical measuring systems, available from Scan-Xpress are useful for product development, material and component testing and product development.

The range of 3D digitisers made by GOM, includes ATOS I, ATOS II and ATOS III. Used for short measurement sequences and accurate data evaluation, the ATOS I is the optimal choice of engineers. Where high measuring quality is necessary, the ATOS II is used. ATOS II is also useful in difficult environmental conditions that do not allow digitising. The ATOS III is a high-end digitiser used for demanding applications.

There are 3D coordinate measurements, deformation measurements and quality control also available as a part of GOM’s range from Scan-Xpress. TRITOP is an industrial optical measurement system, available from Scan-Xpress, used to obtain 3D coordinates’ accurate non-contact measurement of discrete object points. This is a mobile technology that allows for onsite measurement of quality control and deformation analysis.

TRITOP is used for objects around 10m. The relevant object points are marked and the object is recorded from different directions with the help of a high-resolution photogrammetric camera. Based on the digital images, the TRITOP Software calculates the 3D coordinates of the adhesive markers or object features. Per 1m object size, this system achieves measuring accuracies of 0.01mm.

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