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3D Scanning by Scan-Xpress

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Scan-Xpress  provides 3D scanning services which can be performed in-house or at their clients’ premises. They have a number of 3D scanning technologies which they match to each client’s specific needs, in an effort to achieve optimum results.

Scan-Xpress uses non contact 3D scanning technologies including:

  • ATOS White Light Digitizers
  • Z Corporation Laser Scanners
  • TRITOP Photogrammetry
By combing 3D scanning technology they can assure that the accuracy of each project is measurable and verifiable; and that the project is completed successfully.

Their 3D scanning services are suitable for most objects, regardless of size. Small complex objects such as injection moulded parts can be digitally captured with great accuracy and resolution, while large objects as big as a boat can also be accurately measured within verifiable tolerances.

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