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article image Vibration signal conditioning module from the HI 5500 series.

HARDY Instruments, represented by Scale Components , has announced the availability of the HI 5500 series of vibration signal conditioning modules, which provide an inexpensive way of monitoring and protecting rotating machinery vibration.

The HI 5500 series vibration signal conditioners process signals from vibration sensors and provide 4-20mA and 0-5V dc output signals for linking with plant control computers.

The HI 5500 series products are versatile because they can be configured for special machinery monitoring applications including high and low pass filters, vibration measurements (acceleration, velocity, or displacement), sensor type (100mV/g, 10mV/g), detection type (peak, peak-to-peak, or rms) and group mode.

Group mode pertains to linking several HI 5500 series modules together to form a multiple channel monitoring system. The highest vibration level from any channel can be used to trip a relay and trigger an alarm or shutdown the machine.

Another feature of the HI 5500 series is the ability to access the vibration signal for vibration spectrum analysis. The vibration signal, conditioned or unconditioned, is available at the BNC connector or terminal connector on the module, making it easy for vibration specialists to attach spectrum analysers and diagnose machine vibration problems.

Vibration signal conditioners are configured in the factory according to the machinery monitoring application. The modules may be used to send vibration measurements to a plant's existing control computer for overall vibration monitoring. The modules and power supply are installed in an enclosure and the outputs are linked to a PLC or DCS.

The modules may be used as "stand-alone" vibration sensor inputs, a power supply, an alarm set point modules, a relay, and optional digital display unit, all mounted in an enclosure and installed in the field.

The modules accept a variety of input signals, condition the signals and provide outputs for monitoring, protecting and analysing machine performance through the use of plant computers or recoding devices.

Machinery vibration monitoring ensures machinery reliability and improves production performance. The practice maximises machinery utilisation and product quality, and minimises downtime and maintenance costs.

The HI 5500 series is a modular and inexpensive alternative to higher priced monitoring systems. It allows access for data collectors or signal analysers to obtain vibration information for routine vibration analysis and spectrum analysis.

The modules are suitable for process control, production and maintenance that monitors vibration on pumps, fans, motors, gearboxes, compressors and other rotating machinery. They can be used in industries such as transportation, metal fabrication, food and beverage, pulp and paper, power, petroleum, chemical and process manufacturing.

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