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Tilt switch for mining and process

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article image Simple, low cost, and easy to apply.

SCALE Components has expanded its operations to include the manufacture, supply and service of an extensive range of products for the mining and process industries.

The first of the new range to be launched is the SCTS-01 tilt switch, for use as a simple, low cost, easy to apply, point or high level detector for storage bins and vessels.

The SCTS-01 tilt switch is designed in stainless steel probe housing and provides maximum flexibility of use with a wide range of materials and environmental conditions.

They are suitable for use on ac or dc power supplies and connect directly to existing PLC's or via optional control units.

The tilt switch is actuated when material tilts the probe 15 degrees or more from its vertical position. The mercury switch is accurately positioned to cause the normally closed contacts to open, irrespective of direction of tilt. The switches are encapsulated to provide maximum performance and reliability.

The Scale tilt switches can also be used for high level, flow no-flow, belt drift detection to optimise plant operation by eliminating costly stoppages and plant damage.

Common applications include:

* Chute or transfer point plug up detectors.

* Conveyor belt misalignment detectors.

* Level control in volumetric batching.

* Crash probe for tripper car.

* Starvation or no-flow detector for belt and vibratory feeders.

Where required, Scale Components can supply individual control units for use with single or multiple tilt switches.

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