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Systec weighing terminals available from Scale Components

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Scale Components has signed an exclusive agreement with Systec to distribute their full range of weighing terminals in Australia and New Zealand.

The Systec range of weighing terminals are designed for an extensive range of industrial applications, and are ideally suited for harsh environments and installations that require high hygienic standards like food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Selected models can be programmed to meet specific applications and customer requirements. The terminals are housed in high quality, compact stainless steel enclosures protected to IP65. The IT1000, IT3000 and IT8000 terminals are pattern approved for legal trade measurement in Australia by the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

Designed with mounting brackets for desk/wall-mount or optional panel mount installation, the Systec range also have integrated power supply units and sealed cable glands for all cable connections.

One of the many unique features of the Systec range is that they are designed with 110-240 VAC (integrated) for stationary use and 12-30 VDC (integrated) for mobile use.

Through an optional PC interface the reading of weight, taring, zero setting and other functions can be remotely controlled from a PC. Weights can be stored in a W&M approved data archive on the PC’s hard disc for verification. Data transmission is possible through serial interface of Ethernet LAN through Ether Port. Transmission of date, time, consecutive-No and weight after each weighing cycle is also possible with the Systec products.

With optional input/output modes weight thresholds can be monitored for minimum or maximum values and the start of weighing cycles and taring is possible from external switches. Alternatively the inputs and outputs can be used for a filling sequence with start/stop/interrupt and two-speed cut-off.

The Systec range includes the following

Basic weighing:

For taring, weighing, totalising and printout of tickets


  • For parts counting terminals
  • For weighing of reference parts and calculation of average piece weights, taring, weighing of unknown quantities, display and printouts of pieces counts


  • For W&M approved ONLINE weighing terminals
  • For transmission of weights on request from PC, through serial interface or Ethernet, storage of weights possible in approved data archive on PC hard disc

Weighing terminals with set points:

Minimum or maximum weight monitoring for silo scales, output signals for weight under minimum and weight over maximum

Mobile weighing:

For data logging


  • PC software Tool PC Com
  • ActiveX component for communication between Windows program and weighing terminals in online mode. In combination with PC Archive option to store weights on PC hard disc in an approved data archive

PC software tool PC ReadIT:

Reception of weighing data and storage in an ASCII file (*.txt) or database. Supported databases include MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, Interbase SQL and ODBC

The recently introduced IT3000 Ex is designed specifically for hazardous environment applications and is Australian NMI approved for legal trade measurement installations.

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